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Winter tracks

Winter tracks

The powder snow surrounding Niseko, Hokkaido, gives us the opportunity to search for animals that we do not see much during the Summer months. The snow creates a magical yet somewhat challenging environment through which the animals must survive, and the quiet surroundings offer a canvas upon which a number of animal tracks become etched over the winter months.

Animal tracks
On our snowshoeing routes, we must act as detectives, searching for tracks that illustrate the activity of the many species that are moving around, hunting, eating or looking for shelter. Being observant is key on these routes, and if we remain diligent we are rewarded with their tracks along the trail. We are able to learn a lot from this “track language“ with a little bit of investigation; from the animals direction, to its species, size or its activity; you can normally tell if the animal was walking, trotting, running, about to jump or waiting for potential prey.

The snow gives us the chance to take a different approach to nature in these winter months in a fun and entertaining way. Accompanied by a mountain guide you can experience a snowshoeing route through perfect white forests whilst discovering small clues left by animals, giving us an insight into the fascinating active world hidden beneath the snow.
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