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Alpine Responsibility Code

Regardless of how you enjoy your snow sports, always show courtesy to others and be aware that there are inherent risks in all snow recreation activities.

These risks include rapid changes in weather and surface conditions, collisions with other people as well as natural and artificial hazards such as rocks, trees, stumps, bare spots, lift towers and snow-making equipment.
Common sense and personal awareness can reduce such risks. Observe the Alpine Responsibility Code and share with others the responsibility for a great experience.

1. Know your ability and always stay in control.
2. Take lessons from qualified professional instructors to learn and progress.
3. As you proceed downhill or overtake another person, you must avoid people below and beside you.
4. Do not stop where you could obstruct a trail, a run or are not visible from above.
5. When entering a trail, a run or starting downhill, look uphill and give way to others.
6. Always use chairlift restraining devices where provided and always use proper devices to prevent runaway equipment. Ensure equipment is in good condition.
7. Observe and obey all signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails or runs and keep out of closed areas.
8. Before using any lift you must have the knowledge and ability of how to load and unload safely.
9. Do not ski, snowboard, ride a lift or undertake any other alpine activity if you ability is impaired by drugs and alcohol.
10. If you are involved in, or witness an accident, alert the Ski Patrol, remain at the scene and identify yourself to them.

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Niseko Local Rules

In addition to the alpine responsibility code, Niseko has instituted a set of local rules for additional safety.
1. Strictly off limit areas are not to be entered at any time.
Yu no Sawa and Haru no Taki are “Strictly Off Limits Areas” determined by Niseko Rules. Whoever riding these areas will have their lift pass confiscated.
2. Ducking ropes is prohibited.
Ducking any ropes is prohibited. If you do your lift pass will be confiscated. Use designated gates to access out of bound areas.
3. No safety control beyond resort boundaries.
The areas outside of the resort boundaries (including the peak) are national forests and parks and are not controlled or supervised by the ski resorts. Niseko Rules proclaims that hiking and riding these areas involves danger and is done at your own risk.
4. Do not step out of bounds when gates are closed.
The access gates will be closed during hazardous conditions and going into the out of bound areas will be strictly prohibited.
5. Refer to the Niseko avalanche information.
This is the official information published by the Niseko Avalanche Institute. It can be found at lift stations, access gates and on the internet.
6. Backcountry search and rescue cost responsibility.
Costs for search and rescue operations in any out of bounds area will be borne by you.
7. Ski and mountain patrol.
All resort users are to respect and follow the instructions of the ski patrol and the Shirbeshi mountain patrol.
8. Respect the Niseko rules.
Niseko’s ski resorts and locals respect the freedom of visitors and are concerned about their safety. By respecting the Niseko rules, you will help ensure a safe and enjoyable time for yourself.

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